When was the last time you prayed for your city? Is it something you do often, or something you never think about. It is not often a main priority for most people. We have a list of other requests that remain at the top of the list.

When Sam and I were serving in Orange, Tx. I prayed often for the city. It was the city I grew up in and I desired  to see God work miracles there. For several years, every Saturday morning, I would tag a long with a few other ladies from church, and we would pray for the city. We drove around and pray for neighborhoods, schools, churches, city buildings, parks, you name it, we prayed for it. I cherished those times, and I was honestly seeking to see God move throughout the city. He did in many ways.

I have to be honest. I did not pray for Orlando or Houston like I had for Orange. I am not sure why, I just think since they were so big it felt overwhelming, or God had me focused on something else.

Here in Bozeman, Montana, that desire to pray for my city, and the entire valley has returned. I truly believe God is about to do something here in the valley and I cannot wait to see it.

A few weeks after we arrived, Sam was driving through a construction site on his way to work each day. He noticed the stones that had been dug up, and how they were smooth, not sharp like you would think. The smooth rocks show that at some point there was water in this valley. Each day as he drove by these piles of rocks, he felt God showing him a picture of the Holy Spirit flowing through this valley, just as the vision the Lord gave the prophet Ezekiel in chapter 47 of the prophets writings. He thinks of this image often.

A few weeks later he met with a pastor that has lived in the valley for quite a while. He moved here specifically to pray for revival and he prays for it daily. When Sam met with him to pray, Sam told him about his vision of the flowing water. With tears in his eyes he said the church he had visited the week prior, the pastor had shared the same vision.

Think God is up to something?

Fast forward another couple weeks. A man shows up to Sam’s office and says he had something he needed to share. He began with a vision he had many years ago of a dam holding back the living water. He had another vision more recently of the dam, but this time there was a crack in it. Is this exciting, or what?

Following these instances, others have come (without know the previous visions) sharing moments where God has shown them a picture of a dam, or a song with the lyrics, ‘Breaking the dam.” It is truly everywhere.

Already in the past nine months that we have been here I have seen God moving in new ways. The church services are getting fuller, the prayer services are getting longer, and no one wants to leave. We are seeing people being healed. Seriously, if this does not make your heart sing, nothing will.

I say all of this to say, pray for your cities. Pray for our valley, the Gallatin Valley. Pray fervently. As the new song says, ‘God is on the move, in mighty ways.’