Give thanks

God is so good. I hate that I ever doubt Him. He has never let me down. He has always provided for my every need above and beyond my expectations.

When Sam and I are considering a call to a new church we always want to know without a doubt that we are going where we are suppose to be going. This is so important because when trials come, and days are hard, you have to know you are where you are supposed to be.

Sam and I interviewed multiple places around the country and turned down some really great opportunities in some really great places. It is not easy to turn down a great position when you have not had a job for nine months. One place we interviewed, we walked into the church within an hour of arriving, and upon stepping in the door of the sanctuary God said no. It was awkward the rest of the weekend. We knew we could not accept the position even though it was a place we would really have liked to live.

Another place we interviewed we just felt nothing. We felt nothing for or against, just neutral. I was walking with my friend explaining this to her after Sam was offered the position and I said, “I just have to know without a doubt that we will be where God wants us.” We prayed and nothing changed. We tried to discern if God was speaking differently to us, but again, nothing changed. We just felt neutral.

After saying no to the last church we were in an emotional mess. Doubt crept in. Had we made the right decision? Then Sam got the call from the church in Montana. A spark I had not seen in months started to catch fire in him. We were asked to come for an interview and we both had an excitement we had not had in a long time. As we mentioned in a previous post God gives me a scripture for each place we have lived. God had given me a scripture on the way to a previous interview and told me it would be by the door of the church we were to serve. The scripture was Matthew 28:19, “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.” While being given a tour of the two church sites, we went to the original church, a precious little mountain church, there in the doorway was the scripture on a banner.



scriptre 2

Sam and I made eye contact when we saw it and new in that moment this is where we would be. To top it all off on the other side of the door was my scripture God had given me for our time in Orlando. Later, the pastor that had been giving us the tour asked Sam, “When we were in the Legacy Site did you know this is where you were coming?” Sam told him what had happened and he said that we were in the exact spot where he and his wife were when they knew they were coming to serve here.

There were also some silly signs. After our interview Sam and I drove the kids to Orlando for spring break to see there friends. On the 16 hour drive home we had just made it to Houston, we had another 45 minutes to go and Sam and I were quite grumpy, well at least I was. On the radio we were listening to a station I hardly ever listened to, country classics. A song by Merle Haggard saying, “I’m tired of the dirty old city, I’m tired of too much work and not enough play.” In my mind I was thinking, “I agree, I am so tired of this big city, I am so ready to be out of traffic.” The chorus began and said, “Take me somewhere to the middle of Montana.” Sam and I just looked at each other and laughed.

There were many other ‘signs’ along the way confirming we were to move to Montana, like a church member’s rental property came available the day we were offered the position. Rental property is extremely hard to get here. The last time this member put a house for lease it leased in eight minutes. But what made it all come together was when we arrived.

We did not have the best experience with our movers and after days of driving to meet the driver on time we found out he was going to be late. I was not happy. I thought of all the other places I had wanted to stop along the way but didn’t so we could meet him. I was bitter to say the least. So on the day we were suppose to be unloading the van we chose to go to the church and join in on VBS. We walked in and the music pastor came out to us with tears in his eyes he said, “God is so good with His timing. It was this day of VBS last year that we found out we were losing our pastor and now almost to the hour you guys walk in.” Wow! God has a plan for this church and I cannot wait to see it unfold.