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As a child, I would enter into the sanctuary of my home church with my mother, and head directly to several of the ‘old ladies’ who I knew had the best kind of ‘sweeties’ (candy). I never hesitated about asking despite my mother suggesting that I was verging on being rude. It was a very simple transaction, one in which I was always the winner.

On any given Sunday morning, before worship would begin, I would be able to score around a half dozen or so hard candies, bonbons, and toffee éclairs. The Sunday goal was to strategically move from pew to pew successfully gaining the sweet treats while these ladies would be preparing to pray prior to the beginning of the morning worship service. They were always happy for me to interrupt their communing with God, or at least the smiles of their faces gave me cause to believe it.

There was great sacrifice on my part in order to gain the great rewards. For every sweetie I secured, I had to succumb to the overjoyed ooze filled ‘give granny a hug’ and ‘you are a little sweet heart’ kiss. Seriously, some of those sweet older ladies needed to shave! Never once did I feel unable to ask and not be in receipt of a small wrapped sugary blessing and they enjoyed blessing me.

As I grew up in the congregation, I was blessed to have so many who loved me in that way and thought nothing of my persistence in asking for those sweets. I did find it hard when they, one by one, passed away and there were significant gaps in my Sunday routine. They had not only provided the treats each week, but they had shown me love and greatly encouraged me in my formative years.

Caring For One Another

Within a community of faith, we are called upon to care for one another. Part of that caring involves our asking when we have a need. Many are very reluctant to ask for things from people for a number of reasons. When we have a need, we convince ourselves that others are too busy to worry about our issues. We think that people would not want to be bothered or put out by our asking. Yet, our needs are real and support or aid is necessary although we are uncomfortable or even afraid to ask. Then, on the other side of the equation, there are those who feel a burden to support, help, and care for others. They have the means, the gifting, and the desire, but they are not being engaged because no one is asking.
We do the exact same thing to God. He has the means, ability, and desire to care for us and transform our lives. Through His sacrifice, Jesus provided the way for us to receive salvation and the promise of eternal life. By the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives we, by faith, receive this gift and our hearts awaken to the hope of God’s promises. But God desires for us to continue to experience all that God has, both for eternity and also for today. We just need ask and God will graciously provide.

'Through His sacrifice, Jesus provided the way for us to receive salvation and the promise of eternal life.'Click To Tweet  
Jesus states in Matthew 7:7, “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened for you.” Why then, do we not ask God when He so desires to provide for our core spiritual needs and renewal? Why do we believe, like our human interactions, that God might be too busy or would not want to take time to bring refreshed life to us? Read the Word of God and you will discover that those thoughts are not at all true, quite the opposite in fact.

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened for you.” Matthew 7:7, Click To Tweet

Today, ask for the Lord to renew your heart and refresh your spiritual experiences?


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