Yesterday we had a fantastic time. A couple from church that have spent many years in the national parks gave us a great tour. We went into Yellowstone. In the winter there are very few places you can go in the park. We saw so many animals, but no moose. Moose are my favorite followed by the bison. They are such magnificent creatures. We also got to snowshoe for the first time. Loved it! 

I am so excited to share with you some of my pictures. Here are 15 of the 250 I took. There are no filters or color changes. The colors of the mountains and the sky are just like what we were blessed to see.

YS 2

This is how our day started. God was showing off.

YS 3

Just a few minutes later we saw the sun peak from behind the mountain. One thing I have learned is if you want to take a picture of the sky, you better do it right away, because it will be completely different in a few minutes.

YS 5


YS 13


YS 15


YS 4


YS 7

YS 11

YS 9


YS 10

Big Horn Sheep

YS 1


YS 14

YS 6

YS 12

YS 8

The City of Gardiner.

We had looked for wolves all day and had not had any luck. As we were heading out of the park, the fog began to roll in, and in the distance we could see a wolf. Once we got out we could also hear him howl.

YS 17

As we loaded back into the car we got one last glimpse of God showing off. The mountain glowed.

YS 16

When I think God has shown me all He can through nature, He proves me wrong. As I rode through the park I was overwhelmed by the beauty and majesty of His creation. No matter where you are or what you are doing, I hope you will take a moment to let God show you a little more of Himself.

To God Be The Glory.